Volume flow (water)

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Ultrasonic water flow meter calibration in the Instrument Solutions laboratory

Instrument Solutions offers users of ultrasonic flow meters calibrations of volumetric flow (l/s) with cold water traceable back to national standards. The calibrations can be conducted on a range of pipes up to 100 mm (4”) nominal bore in a variety of materials including, plastic, iron and copper. The test facility has a range of 0 to 50l/s.

For further details of the laboratories scope for volume flow please contact the calibration team on 01344 459314 or calibration@bsria.co.uk to discuss you technical requirements.

The calibration facilites can also be adapted for measuring flow rate coefficient, pressure drop, and valve characteristics on a wide range of different systems including PICV's. Read more about testing PICVs or contact the BSRIA Test Team on 01344 465600 or e-mail test@bsria.co.uk

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