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Amendments and corrections to guides

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BG 12/2011 Energy Efficient Pumping Systems - A Design Guide

  • Amended 06/08/2022

In the pump affinity laws in section 3.2, on page 6 of the guide, the squared symbol was missing from the second equation and the cubed symbol was missing from the third equation. These have now been added. All pdfs downloaded after 06/08/2022 reflect this correction. Customers who downloaded a pdf of the guide before this date can request a corrected pdf.


BG 29/2021 Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems Amended 6th edition

- amended 24/08/2021

In figures 4 and 8 some numbers were missing. These have now been reinstated. Details can be found here.


BG 79/2020 Handover Information and O&M Manuals
- amended 07/04/2021

In section 4.2 on page 27, the words “class of manual” have been changed to “level of detail in the manual"


BG 6/2018 A Design Framework for Building Services 5th edition
- amended 26/07/2018

Since the publication of this guide in June 2018, a small number of minor errors have come to light. If you downloaded a pdf of the guide before 26th July 2018, you will need to download it again. If you are in a possession of a hard copy of the guide, you will need to make the corrections listed in here: BG 6/2018 amendments


BTS 2/2015 Test Method for Heat Interface Units
- amended 18/05/2016

In section 4.3.4 on page 7, item 2 has been changed to read “Pressure sensors shall be checked against a reference instrument before commencement of each series of tests and zero checked prior to testing each HIU.” Also, in table 3 (Thermal capacity test conditions) on page 8, the primary inlet temperature for test condition 2 has been changed from 80.0°C to 65.0°C. If you downloaded the guide before 18/05/2016, please download it again.


BG10/2011 Embodied Carbon - the Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE)
- amended 22/05/2015

The acknowledgements page in the hard copy of this publication has an incorrect link to the ICE database. The correct address is:


BG 25/2014 HVAC Troubleshooting
-amended 30/05/14

In the "Faulty Solenoid Valve" flow chart on page 66, the text by the last downward arrow should read "Yes" instead of "No".


Guide to HVAC Building Services Calculations 2nd Edition (BG 30/2007)
amended 14/05/2012

Page 109:
The following design tip at the bottom of the right hand column has been deleted:

Design tip: Include allowance for lift where applicable (as done in pumps serving high level water tanks). A duct extracting air from atmosphere at ground level and discharging at the roof of a 10 storey building would have to provide about 420 Pa lift (12 Pa/m).


Condition Surveys and Asset Data Capture (BG 35/2012)
amended 24/04/2012

Page 13:
 - 2.9 Compliance with legal and health and safety requirements:

"Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations1999"should read:
"Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations2002"


Pitstopping - BSRIA's reality checking process for Soft Landings (BG 27/2012)

amended 09/07/2011

Page 12:
- Figure, far left vertical annotation of Pitstop 3:
"Post-construction" should read: "Pre-construction"

Page 31:
- 4th paragraph, end of 1st sentence:
"figure on the previous page" should read: "figure above"


Energy Efficient Pumping Systems - A Design Guide (BG 12/2011)
amended 14/07/2011

Page 22 -Section 6
Amendment to Figure 16


Illustrated Guide to Renewable Technologies (BG 1/2008)

amended 17/12/2010

Page 76 - 5th paragraph, last sentence, text reads:
"The retrofitting of dual flush devices to existing siphon toilets is not permitted under the Regulations."

Should read:
"Dual flush devices can be retrofitted to existing toilets."


Illustrated Guide to Ventilation (BG 2/2009)

amended 01/06/2010

2010 Legislation updates


Variable-flow water systems - Design, installation and commissioning guidance (AG 16/2002)

- amended 03/07/2009

Page 6, Top paragraph under "Fixed speed pumps".
"Figure 2"

Should read:
Figure 1

Page 6, Figure 1, line under each graph:

Should read:


Handover O&M Manuals and Project Feedback (BG1/2007)

Form 2 on page 22 has been revised. The pdf and the hard copy have been updated to reflect this. The revised form can be downloaded here