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Worldwide Market Intelligence (WMI) is the market research and intelligence arm of BSRIA. With over 25 years’ experience of analysing and researching the building services environment.

We provide reports, data-sets and consultancy to help companies improve their strategies, manage portfolios and improve their customer satisfaction. Our understanding of the technical nature of the industry, its shifting market dynamics and evolving supply chain, helps to deliver practical, no-nonsense recommendations to the industry. WMI specialises in global studies on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, renewables, refrigeration, building controls, cabling and its associated technologies.

BSRIA's values are to be authoritative, collaborative, independent and innovative

Our international understanding means that we know the differences and similarities around the world and within its regions. We understand globally, by region and by country the different requirements put on the HVAC-R and BACS industries from suppliers, customer and governments. WMI has undertaken research in over 94 countries and employs multi-lingual staff with over 17 languages being spoken. We publish regular reports on 20 core countries and have researched over 90 countries in the last 20 years, delivering over 400 reports and projects.

Over the years WMI have established strong relationships throughout the world with major industry players, ensuring WMI produces accurate and reliable intelligence, databases and market studies.

Using our unrivalled industry knowledge and consultancy expertise, we analyse market trends and industry drivers, providing clients with cost-effective comprehensive reports that help them to:

  • identify market opportunities
  • develop sales, marketing & distribution strategies
  • evaluate the impact of new technologies and services
  • track competitor activity

Contact us on +44 (0)1344 465540 or wmi@bsria.co.uk to explore how we can help inform your business strategy and improve your company’s market position.

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