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BSRIA has extensive experience validating designs and investigating the performance of isolation rooms and hospital operating theatres.

BSRIA has worked with clients including the Department of Health of England and Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland for the testing and validation of Isolation rooms.

The investigations carried out for these projects involved full mock-up constructions of isolation rooms designs with a Positively Pressurised Ventilated Lobby (PPVL).  These designs offered protection to both immuno compromised and infectious patients, as well as staff and visitors who went into the room.

The validation techniques included investigations of air movement, airtightness, airborne infection simulation and identification of the protection these rooms offered.  Validation techniques included:

  • Airborne infection simulation
  • Detailed 3D pictures of physical measurements of air speed and temperature
  • Air tightness investigations
  • Investigation of specialist components such as pressure stabilisers
  • Independent review of the ventilation systems, including troubleshooting and differential pressure monitoring
  • Smoke tests
  • Air change rate calculation
  • Design validation by mock-up testing
  • Demonstration to third parties
Testing and validation by BSRIA

BSRIA collaborated with the Department of Health of England in the publication of the guidance HBN4 Isolation facilities for infectious patients in acute settings. The standard refers to BSRIA’s Technical Standard BTS 3/2018: Air permeability of isolation rooms. The methodology detailed within the standard enables isolation facilities’ air permeability levels to be validated as well as design air flowrates between adjacent rooms, pressure stabilisers and doors to be verified.

Our experts provide a flexible and comprehensive test program tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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