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BSRIA has completed a research project on the most energy efficient design solutions for re-circulating heating and chilled water pumping systems.

The project was carried out in collaboration with BRE and the industry partners including Danfoss, Frese, Belimo, SAV UK, Andrew Reid & Partners, Crane Fluid, Herz Valves and Grundfos.

The project results have been published in a BSRIA's Design Guide to Energy Efficient Pumping Systems.

Essentially this guide provides recommendations for building services designers on the design of energy efficient pumping systems. However it is invaluable to a broader group including manufacturers, contractors and end-users who will benefit from being able to design, select and manage more efficient systems.

The recommendations presented in this guide focus on:

  • Pump energy fundamentals
  • Pipe sizing
  • Pipe layout
  • System control issues
  • Commissioning issues

In summary, our findings show that a pumping system capable of realising the maximum energy savings will have a number of different properties. Some of these include:

  • Having a variable flow system with a pump that varies its speed to match the operating load conditions
  • A controlled pump speed so as to maintain pressure constant across the most remote DPCV controlled sub-branches
  • Pipes sized as large as possible in order to minimise their resistances

The Guide is available to purchase from BSRIA Bookshop.

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