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Our clients all have different challenges facing them across the industry, whether it’s deciding who to partner with, which technology to back or how to best position themselves for future growth.

BSRIA WMI’s industry analysts and researchers have solid expertise in all kinds of research techniques and analytical practices; from running workshops and conducting in-depth interviews, through to analysing large-scale survey questions and modelling market data.

Typical engagements for BSRIA WMI involve us understanding the market dynamics and trends specifically to an issue, and relaying their implications to the client. This ‘research’ could be calling together a group of experts to work out the implications of a new technology, but we also cover competitive analysis, supplier profiles and understanding customer behaviours.

We regularly research and help shape propositions, new concepts and product changes with end customers or channel partners, to assess their demands and expectations. We then work with you to make sure the product or service matches those needs.

Finally, we are really skilled at pulling all the relevant analysis together, providing a rounded view of a company or product’s position in the market, and working out how best they can respond to the changes outlined in the scenarios we develop.

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