Building and services improvement

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The performance of a building and the mechanical and electrical services within a building influences the operational performance of a building, the resulting operational efficiency directly impacts on the building running costs, the buildings carbon emissions and the well-being of the building occupants, ensuring long term sustainable and safe buildings.

BSRIA's experts allow you to:

  • Improve building performance
  • Improve building services efficiency
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the occupant environment

Using the latest best practice combined with access to the latest industry tools, BSRIA's recognised global experts provide consultancy on ensuring that your building is compliant with prevailing legislation and delivers the optimum performance for the application.

BSRIA's consultants are dedicated to improving the performance of a building at any stage of the buildings life from design to post occupancy.

BSRIA's consultants provide expertise in:

  • Technical services
  • Building evaluation
  • Maintenance
  • Life cycle analysis