Covid-19 Guidance and Support Services

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Covid-19 Guidance and Support Services for Building Services and Facilities Management

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many challenges, it has brought a lot of people together in collaboration. Now more than ever, experts in each of their own fields are needed to collaborate, to help each other provide a strategy for success going forward. This is true for the buildings and environments in which we live and work. At BSRIA, our knowledge of buildings and their services can prove an asset to any organisation.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and how we use our buildings. Ensuring that the workplace is a safe and comfortable environment is a vital step in maximising the productivity and happiness of the occupants. This is a challenge at the best of times but with the additional pressure from COVID-19, and the massive changes in the way we work that go along with it, new and improved strategies must be developed.

Official guidance is continually evolving and can be hard to keep track of as we learn more about the novel coronavirus, its transmission methods, and its effects on us. At BSRIA, we maintain and inform the development of new approaches and services that help mitigate COVID-19 transmission, ensuring the wellbeing of occupants, and maintaining the services within the buildings that we all rely on. BSRIA has devised several services with the aim of providing simple to understand consultancy and effective results on a range of topics.

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Covid-19 Guidance and Support Services

Contact our specialists now to ensure that you are adhering to the latest Covid-19 guidance.

Covid-19 Ventilation Services

Good ventilation, mechanical or natural, is a major contributing factor to fighting the spread of COVID-19. BSRIA offers a suite of services to help you manage and review your ventilation strategy including: 

  • Ventilation verification service
  • Testing of room and ductwork ventilation rates
  • Visual surveys of building fabric and plant for compliance to available guidance
  • Environmental monitoring of both occupied and unoccupied spaces
  • CO2, thermal comfort, and air quality monitoring

Water Systems Services

Water systems that have been left idle or at reduced usage are at a higher risk of failure. Whether from corrosion, microbiological contamination or sediment build-up, distribution systems and plant could be at risk. BSRIA can help you manage and monitor the condition of your water systems in the following ways:

  • Condition survey of plant and pipework
  • Ultrasonic pipe thickness measurements
  • Ultrasonic flow measurements
  • Water composition analysis
  • Water safety plan consultancy in accordance with the new BS 8680:2020 standard
  • Destructive analysis of water system components to determine condition or cause of failure

Facilities Management Services

With buildings at low, occupancy this can be a good time for proactive maintenance. Some of the ways BSRIA can help you manage the health and efficiency of your building and its services are:

  • Thermal imaging of the building fabric and of electrical and mechanical installations
  • Building performance monitoring
  • Electromagnetic field surveys to check compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Moisture surveys to monitor levels of damp in unoccupied buildings
  • Energy efficiency/performance analysis
  • Condition surveys of plant and building services that have been inactive for a period
  • Maintenance reviews to establish maintenance commitment of or by providers during periods of changed occupancy

Wellbeing Services

The wellbeing of staff is key to an effective and profitable business especially in this trying and complex time. The current work environment is proving tough on the people who represent the business. Some examples of the services that BSRIA have developed to ensure your staff and occupants remain healthy and happy: 

  • BSRIA Occupant Wellbeing (BOW) “return to work” survey
  • Indoor air quality assessment through short-term and long-term monitoring

Covid-19 Guidance and Support Services

Contact our specialists now to ensure that you are adhering to the latest Covid-19 guidance.