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Air velocity

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Open jet wind tunnel in the BSRIA Instrument Solutions laboratory

BSRIA Instrument Solutions air velocity laboratory is able to offer calibrations on a wide range of instruments at ambient (laboratory) temperatures including vane anemometers up to 120 mm in diameter, thermal anemometers, cup anemometers, pitot tubes and velometers. The laboratory is equipped with all the latest technologies in the field of air velocity measurement including a laser Doppler anemometer, which gives the facility the capability of offering excellent levels of Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) Expressed as an Expanded Uncertainty.

Calibration options include traceable to national standards under the Instrument Solutions ISO 9001 accreditation or UKAS accredited calibrations against the ISO 17025 standard.

Wind tunnel range 0.15 to 30.0 m/s.

Products tested includes anemometers manufactured by:

Abbirko, Airflow, Airflow Developments, Airflow Instruments, Alnor, Alphatek, AMECal, Amprobe, ATP, CEM, Chauvin Arnoux, Dantec, Deuta, Digitron, DP Measurments, Dwyer, ETI, Eurisem, Extech, Fluke, Greisinger, Instrotech, JDC, Kaindl, Kane & May, Kanomax, Kestrel, Kimo, Lowne Instruments, Lutron, Mannix, Martindale, Mastech, Mastercool, Meitav, Metrel, Munro, Omega, PCE Instruments, Professional Instruments, Prova, Rototherm, SKD, Smart Sensor, Speedtech, Tecpel, Tenma, Testo, TFA, TSI and WM Instruments.

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UKAS Calibration Accreditation

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