JDC Electronic SA Skywatch Eole 1 | Wind speed indicator

Contact Instrument Solutions

Skywatch Eole is a rotating anemometer with a 54 mm impeller which measures wind speed with no directional orientation required. The Skywatch Eole is powered by two replaceable AA batteries and the aluminium base has a thread which allows it to be mounted on a camera tripod.

This product is ideal for air tightness engineers testing to the UK TS1 technical standard along with an optional traceable ISO calibration.


  • Backlit display with instant windspeed, maximum windspeed, average windspeed
  • Anemometer with 54 mm multi directional propeller and protection cap
  • Aluminium bottom plate is a tripod (1/4 ″)
  • 2 AA batteries with a low battery indicator


Units      km/h, mph, m/s, fps, knots and beaufort 

Resolution      0.1 on the m/s range

Accuracy        ± 3 %

Measuring range      0.55 to 40 m/s (2 to 150 km/h)

Dimensions        65 mm diameter x 155 mm long

Weight       235 g

Operating temperature       - 20 to 70 °C

Warranty       1 year

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