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Designed for use with dpm ane vane head these plastic hoods can also be used with most other conventional 100mm diameter rotating vane heads from a multitude of leading manufacturers. Available in four kit configurations; without and with the dpm ane vane head, or with an ST6 or with a TT series 5 micromanometer.

For technical details of the dpm ane vane head, ST6 or TT series micromanometers please refer to separate entries on the website.



  • HVAC grilles, diffusers, linears, air valves.
  • Containment area checks, safety cabinets
  • Fan inlets / outlets, LEV systems, filter conditions, dampers.
  • Air leakage checks.


Circular hood dimensions 215 mm x 194 mm diameter
Rectangular hood dimensions 215 mm x 290 mm x 240 mm

Important notes :

If this product is to be used for the testing of a ventilation system covered by Part F of the Building Regulations it is required to have a UKAS calibration for air volume in conjunction with an anemometer to comply with the guidance documentation.

Unless there is any specific guidance offered by the manufacture of the ventilation system, due to the size and shape of the round hood, BSRIA Instrument Solutions does not recommend the use of the circular products for the testing ventilation systems to Part F of the UK Building Regulations. If however the circular hood are to be used we would recommend that the hood + anemometer + grille combination is calibrated by a UKAS accredited laboratory for air volume to determine the system characteristics, as errors can be significant without applying the appropriate correction factor at the measured flow rate. A price for this service can be obtained from BSRIA Instrument Solutions calibration department on calibration@bsria.co.uk

When using any hood kit it is recommended that there is a minimum of 100 mm clearance between the fan inlet/outlet grille and the hood edge to reduce measurement errors. 

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