BSRIA WMI provides technically informed, independent market consultancy and research. With the backing of BSRIA’s other divisions, we possess unique technical insight that supplements our extensive global industry and market knowledge.

BSRIA's global research coverage

We possess proven, high quality research methodologies and strong industry connections that support the value of our analysis.

We also have at our disposal an extensive, global database of comparable market data and insights into industry trends that we have developed over the last 25 years across a range of HVAC&R and BACS products.

Our industry experts understand the market’s competitive environment and its dynamics.

We frequently provide a performance-check for Regulators and Industry stakeholders.

We have delivered over 400 custom projects to over 150 clients.

The quality of our service is assured through BSRIA's ISO 9001 certification.

Market reports

Browse and buy on-line our range of reports covering global HVAC&R, BACS and Smart technologies and Data cabling markets.

Market consultancy

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