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BSRIA has the expertise and experience to guide you through a test, avoiding the common pitfalls

With over 10,000 tests to date and equipment to test small units to the largest warehouses and superstores, BSRIA offers a 24/7, nationwide airtightness testing service for Part L Building Regulations and Section 6 Scottish Building Standards throughout the UK and Ireland. Phone us on 0800 587 1000, email compliance@bsria.co.uk or click here to get a quote.

BSRIA offers:

  • Airtightness testing and consultancy for Part L Building Regulations and Section 6 Scottish Building Standards
  • Smoke testing to visualise and identify air leakage paths
  • Thermal imaging to show both air leakage and insulation faults

Airtightness testing is a requirement under England and Wales Part L Building Regulations and Section 6 Scottish Building Standards. With a few exceptions, all new non-dwellings need to be tested.

Our experience will help you through the test, avoiding the common pitfalls and advising on the quickest remedial action if required.

Regionally based engineers and testing equipment mean we have the flexibility to provide a nationwide, rapid response and cost-effective service for all your projects.

As a member of ATTMA, BSRIA is UKAS accredited to test in accordance with relevant country regulations to ATTMA TS L2, BS EN 13829 and CIBSE TM23, guaranteeing Part L Building Regulations Compliance / Scottish Building Standards compliance and that certificates will be recognised by your Building Control Officer.

Airtightness testing equipment

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Guide for non-dwellings

Download BSRIA's Guide to Airtightness Testing for Non-Dwellings.