Thermal Imaging Surveys: An introduction

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Thermal imaging surveys allow us to ‘see’ heat generated by objects in the surrounding environment.

This is not limited to objects that feel hot to the touch. In fact, all objects always radiate infrared ‘heat’ radiation. Thermal Imaging is the science of taking information from the radiated heat and converting it into an image. This can then be used to analyse the properties of the objects we are looking at.

Thermal Imaging Surveys in Buildings

Thermal imaging building surveys save time and money. They also improve safety across the sector.

Thermographic inspection features in environmental assessment tools such as BREEAM – a set of requirements designed to reduce the environmental impact of construction – as a method to determine energy loss through the building fabric.

A building should keep the expensive, heated air within its interior. It should be reasonably airtight and well-insulated to minimise energy loss. When things go wrong, energy escapes through anomalies like gaps, cracks, and thermal bridges. Thermal imaging is the quickest and most cost-effective way to highlight the anomalous areas.

Thermal imaging surveys are crucial for anyone responsible for heavy plant or building infrastructure. Electricians can detect hot-spots and potential failure points in the domestic installation of lighting circuits, and Facilities Managers in large office blocks can perform maintenance on a pump set supplying chilled water for a thousand workers. These are just two examples showing how thermal imaging can be a powerful diagnostic tool.

Thermal Imaging Services

BSRIA’s authoritativeness and independence in conducting thermal imaging surveys is well-respected. With broad experience in built environment thermographic inspection, we work constantly to develop new methods to use thermography in novel ways. We combine the latest high-definition cameras and thermal imaging technologies with knowledge and experience gained through many years within the built environment industry. As a result, we provide an unrivalled service that is both trusted and respected by the industry.

BSRIA thermographers are qualified in accordance with ISO 18436:7 and undertake thermographic surveys in accordance with BS EN 13187 and ISO 6781 as recommended by the UK Thermography Authority (UKTA).

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