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Soft Landings is a building delivery process which runs through the project, from inception to completion and beyond, to ensure all decisions made during the project are based on improving operational performance of the building and meeting the client’s expectations.” BSRIA provides a range of services to help implement Soft Landings successfully throughout all stages of a project.

BSRIA capabilities

Implement and review Soft Landings requirements for Invitation to Tender (ITT) packages
BSRIA can prepare a Soft Landings tender package aimed at ensuring the supply chain understands the Soft Landings requirements in the most effective way, and complementing other project requirements.

Assist clients in developing their Soft Landings strategy towards new building developments
BSRIA can help you understand what your corporate drivers are, and produce a detailed Soft Landings strategy aimed at helping you to achieve those goals.

Customise Soft Landings activities to suit specific projects
BSRIA can help you to set your success criteria and identify appropriate Soft Landings activities that will enable the success criteria to be met.

Manage the Soft Landings Approach process across the project
BSRIA can conduct intermediate assessments to assist you and your project team to ensure Soft Landings activities for each stage have been completed.

Provide facilitation and workshops for decision making and project teams
BSRIA can organise pit stopping workshops with the different stakeholders and disciplines at key stages of the project to ensure the relevant parties are engaged and the decision making process is focused on outcomes.

Carry out Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)
BSRIA offers a variety of Post Occupancy Evaluation services which can be tailored to suit your projects, including independent monitoring of indoor environmental conditions, thermal imaging, occupant satisfaction surveys and energy assessments.

Additional support
BSRIA has published a series of Soft Landings guides, runs a Soft Landings Network and provides Soft Landings training available both as an open course and in-company.

Soft Landings Network

Network with industry peers and be at the forefront of Soft Landings implementation

Soft Landings guides

Soft Landings guides including Framework and Core Principles (free download for BSRIA Members)

Soft Landings Level 1
Soft Landings Level 1
Learn about Soft Landings: the UK construction industry's de facto project performance improvement process.