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Soft Landings is a building delivery approach that runs through the project from inception and briefing to its completion and beyond.  When implemented, it increases collaboration between project teams and helps to deliver buildings that operate according to their spec, meeting the client’s expectations as well as the end users’ needs.

The BSRIA Soft Landings Network was established in 2010 to support understanding of this process, promote its uptake across the industry, and ensure its continuous development to meet the evolving needs of industry.

In the last ten years the Soft Landings Network has done outstanding work:

  • Raising awareness of the Soft Landings process, through industry events, conferences and publications, in regard to the performance gap in buildings, the factors contributing to it and how these factors can be managed and controlled.
  • Developing a framework for the industry to adopt to help increase collaboration between project teams and minimise the performance gap.
  • Promoting the Soft Landings Framework and this approach to be included/adopted in other industry initiatives and schemes such as BREEAM and the RIBA plan of work, and, quite recently, in the Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition document.
  • Publishing several guides for clients (building owners), facilities managers, architects, consultants and contractors to help them better understand the Soft Landings approach.
  • Establishing a Soft Landings Awards programme to recognise Soft Landings projects and practitioners.

Today the Soft Landings Network counts over 30 member organisations from various fields within Construction – among them are longstanding Soft Landings experts as well as those who have just started to embrace the process.

The Network offers the opportunity to develop an understanding of Soft Landings and to learn about best practice. It is a forum to discuss Soft Landings principles and to share experiences with a diverse range of practitioners.

Soft Landings Network Members also benefit from access to:


  • Free downloads of BSRIA Soft Landings publications and guides.
  • 20% discount on full day Soft Landings training courses for anyone in your organisation.


  • Complimentary seats and discounts on Soft Landings meetings, including the annual Soft Landings Conference.
  • Presentation opportunities at Soft Landings events.


  • A Practitioner’s Certificate, to demonstrate your organisation’s expertise in the UK construction industry’s premier project improvement process.
  • Your logo on the BSRIA website as a Soft Landings Practitioner.

Download a Soft Landings Network application form now, or request a quote from our Soft Landings team.

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Soft Landings Level 1
Soft Landings Level 1
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