Maintenance Strategy

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What is a building maintenance strategy?

A building maintenance strategy describes the strategic approach employed in approaching the maintenance of a building and it’s building services assets. Amongst other things, it will detail the sequence of planned building maintenance work. This sequence contains the general scheduling information of the many maintenance tasks and plans required to keep the building operating at peak performance.

How to choose the right building maintenance strategy

Choosing the right maintenance strategy can only be achieved by understanding your current situation and the objectives you wish to achieve.

The best place to start is with understanding what you have. Asset data capture is the first step in understanding the components of your maintenance strategy. This gives you a foundation on which to build your strategy.

Once you know what your business premises has in terms of assets, you can then gain a level of understanding of the condition of those assets. This is best done by an independent review of assets, often known as a dilapidation survey or condition survey.

As a follow-on from condition surveys, or as an independent or supportive process of understanding your building services, it is good practice to conduct a maintenance audit.

A building compliance audit will give you a level of confidence regarding the compliance of the facilities management offering with current legislation.

Business-Focused Maintenance: A maintenance strategy that supports your business

To have the ultimate confidence in your maintenance strategy, BSRIA business-focused maintenance (BFM) will ensure you have chosen the right maintenance strategy for your specific requirements.

BSRIA Business-Focused Maintenance is the pinnacle of the current preventative or routine maintenance evolution. It takes governing regulations and guidance, i.e. HTMs, SFG20 and local SOPs, and reviews asset criticality in terms of how it supports the primary business function. This is reviewed in line with applicable statutory and mandatory requirements to produce a model which shows cost savings of up to 30% in terms of operative hours spent on planned preventative maintenance.

BSRIA can help free up your work force by implementing the BFM model of preventative maintenance.  Our experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you at whatever stage you are in the process.

Save on maintenance costs

If you'd like to know more about how BSRIA can help you get best value for maintenance whilst minimising risk to your business, please let us know and one of our maintenance specialists will get back to you soon.