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Maintenance strategy

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Do you maintain plant according to its value to the business?

BSRIA helps to lower maintenance costs while minimising risk of critical plant failure

We work with clients to develop business-focused maintenance strategies and train their staff to implement them.

By assessing and prioritising plant maintenance needs for risks and criticality to the business, our clients ensure their maintenance effort is cost-effective and increase their resilience to engineering risk.

Technical expertise

A business-focused maintenance review consists of:

  • a full condition survey of your plant, to establish the likelihood of failure
  • a risk assessment to identify the consequence of plant failure
  • calculating maintenance levels and schedules to prioritise high risk, high consequence plant
  • assessment of the resource requirements based on the new maintenance schedules

Download a business-focused maintenance case sudy (pdf 252KB) to see how Nomura International saved money and decreased their risk. BSRIA also publishes a guide to Business-Focused Maintenance available from the BSRIA Bookshop.

Instrument Solutions

Instrument sales, hire and calibration service based in Bracknell and Preston

Case study - risk assessments for maintenance task

Review of maintenance tasks for healthcare premises