Maintenance Audits

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Effective management of the operation and maintenance of any asset requires feedback.

A well thought-out and enacted maintenance audit will provide that feedback and allow building owners and operators to check their management systems, identify any deviations from those systems and make any necessary corrections.

An audit does not apportion blame for problems, rather it seeks to provide objective information to enable facilities managers to take corrective actions. 

BSRIA follows an audit process that will support the implementation of good practice asset management as outlined in ISO 55001.

This is a continuous cycle of improvement:

These audits can be carried out for a number of reasons including:

  • Assessment of current position
  • Comparison against best practice
  • Examination of efficiency
  • To demonstrate that work has been carried out as specified
  • To demonstrate that anticipated performance has been achieved

BSRIA Maintenance Audits

BSRIA provides a thorough audit process that will review:

1. Maintenance organisation and resourcing, including:

  • Organisation and structure
  • Staff knowledge, competence, training and use of IT
  • General quality of work and housekeeping
  • Communication
  • Procedures and instructions
  • Evidence of subcontractor performance reviews


2. Planning and management of the maintenance activity including

  • Availability and completeness of asset register
  • Statutory inspections compliance
  • System of planning, scheduling and recording PPMs
  • Reactive maintenance management including prioritisation of client requests
  • Adequacy and control of records and documentation including O&Ms
  • Stores management
  • Energy management systems
  • Waste management systems

BSRIA maintenance audits will deliver the feedback required to help ensure your maintenance management systems are operating according to good practice.