Volume flow (air)

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BSRIA Instrument Solutions offers users equipment used to measure volume flow in air systems a number of different calibration facilities. The three primary test facilities are:

  • Blower doors / airtightness fans – To meet the requirements contained in Part L of the Building Regulations (BS EN ISO 5801:2008 method)
  • Balometers – For measuring volume flows through HEPA filters, grilles vents, diffusers and other terminal devices
  • Air capture hood sets – To meet the requirements contained in Part F of the Building Regulations

Calibration options include traceable to national standards under the Instrument Solutions ISO 9001 accreditation or UKAS accredited calibrations against the ISO 17025 standard.  Unless requested otherwise the calibration of the fan will be conducted using a BSRIA supplied fan speed controller, tubing and reference manometer.

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UKAS Calibration Accreditation

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