Market briefings


Market Briefings are new studies that cover the latest ground-breaking trends and issues affecting the HVAC-R, BACS and Smart industry.

Our specialist team of market researchers select key topics and deliver high-quality reports providing informative insight into the subjects and their impact on the market.

These are a different type of market intelligence study to our market reports, they are:

  • strategic market insight for emerging technologies
  • brief, digestible format
  • strong on quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • short and long term forecasts of market impact
  • expert commentary and opinion
  • very competitively priced

In addition, these reports make extensive use of visual graphics to effectively conveying complex messages and demystify the haze around key issues, emerging markets and technologies.

Due to the nature of the evolving markets that many of these reports describe, a number of the topics are offered on a subscription basis, with several updates a year. This can provide an attractive way of keeping up-to-date with market developments for a modest investment spread over a period of time.

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