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About BSRIA publications

BSRIA publications are authoritative, independent, and cover a wide range of topics relating to building services engineering and construction. BSRIA currently publishes five series:

All BSRIA publications can be ordered through the BSRIA bookshop. They are all available in pdf format and many are also available in hard copy format. Some BSRIA publications are available as licensed versions and discounts are available.

BSRIA publications are periodically reviewed and may be withdrawn if their technical content is out of date, or may be superseded by a new edition. It is BSRIA’s intention that, in normal circumstances, the most recent edition of each BSRIA guide should be used in preference to any previous editions of that guide. Superseded versions of BSRIA guides are available from the BSRIA bookshop as they provide useful reference information for older projects. Users of BSRIA guides should be aware that they are guides and not regulations. It is for individual project teams to decide whether to follow the guidance, and this should be made clear in project documentation.

The authoring process

BSRIA publications are authored by BSRIA’s in-house technical experts or by external authors. Some (but not all) publications are written with the assistance of steering group or individual contributors who advise BSRIA on the technical content. Authors, Steering Group Members and Consultees must agree to terms of reference which forms part of BSRIA's quality management system and can be downloaded here. If you would like to find out more about being involved with publications, please contact the publications manager, David Bleicher (david.bleicher@bsria.co.uk).

The BSRIA publications panel advises BSRIA on strategy for new and updated publications, and reviews drafts of publications. It is made up of senior staff at BSRIA member companies who have broad knowledge of building services and construction, familiarity with BSRIA publications, and connections within the industry. The panel meets quarterly; however, discussions take place on line between meetings.

Sponsorship opportunities              

To help fund publications, BSRIA takes sponsorship on selected publications. Sponsorship packages generally include position of the company’s logo within the publication. Sponsorship is open to anyone who wishes to support BSRIA publications with a financial contribution. Sponsorship of publications does not give the sponsoring organisation any input to the technical content – steering group members and other contributors to the content of publications are chosen strictly on their technical knowledge and expertise. If you would like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact sponsorship@bsria.co.uk.