Overheating in buildings

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Overheating in buildings refers to the accumulation of heat within a building which can lead to discomfort experienced by building occupants or can impact on processes being undertaken in the space.

There is an increase in overheating issues being reported which is being linked to the unintended consequence of building and retrofitting properties more airtight to prevent energy loss during the winter months combined with warmer summers being experienced.

There is evidence that overheating not only causes discomfort for the occupants but can be detrimental to their well-being, causing ill-health and in extreme cases fatalities.

The challenge our industry faces is delivering buildings, in particular homes, which are energy efficient and warm in the winter but stay cool and comfortable during the summer months.

BSRIA’s technical experts can investigate reported issues and recommend remedial measures to improve overheating and thermal comfort. Our services include:

Construction compliance

Stress-free compliance with Building Regulations, including airtightness, sound insultation and ventilation

Instrument Solutions

Instrument sales, hire and calibration service based in Bracknell and Preston