Indoor environmental quality

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Increased restrictions and better building techniques have produced very airtight domestic and non-domestic buildings. It is therefore important to ensure buildings are achieving the right ventilation to deal with contaminants in the space and ensure the wellbeing of occupants.

BSRIA provides services to look into ventilation problems, thermal comfort complaints and sick building syndrome:

Indoor air quality:

  • Carry out indoor air quality surveys and advise on the most likely contaminants to measure
  • Independently review the ventilation systems
  • Carry out investigations for mould and condensation problems
  • Evaluate the performance of ventilation solutions for the domestic sector including MEV and MVHR systems

Thermal comfort evaluations per Standard BS EN 7730.

  • Air temperature profiling
  • Air speed measurement
  • Draught risk (DR)
  • Operative temperature measurements
  • Humidity
  • Predicted mean vote (PMV)
  • Predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD)

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Ventilation testing equipment

Air capture hood sets available for sale and hire from BSRIA Instrument Solutions

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Soft Landings Level 1
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Air Quality Instrumentation

An extensive range of portable and fixed system air quality measuring devices are available for hire and purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions