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  • COVID impact on world structured cabling market

    BSRIA has published 16 reports on global structured cabling markets for 2020. The reports focus on USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, HK & Macao, Japan, India, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa cabling markets, for local area networks and data centre applications.

  • UK HVAC trends: Winners and Losers

    The long-term trend is for VRF is unclear but industry experts expect a rise in chiller heat pump sales pushing the chiller market higher. Hydronic heat pumps less than 50kW will grow towards 2025 but sales will be limited by dwelling completions each year and the government budget from the successor to the RHI scheme

  • Residential and commercial boilers in USA: latest trends and prospects

    Covid is only one challenge the US heating industry faces, alongside the climate crisis, urbanisation, adoption of greener gas solutions, increasing demand for electricity and integration of heating solutions, which create challenges and opportunities and will certainly make the landscape quite different by 2030.

  • World HAC&R Compressors – Japan and APAC

    BSRIA is publishing the fifth and final report in its series on the Global market for compressors used in applications for Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, and Refrigeration. The reports cover world regions: Americas, EMEA, China, India, Japan and rest of Asia. One global overview report will also be issued.

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technologies pushed by the pandemic

    The latest BSRIA World Air Conditioning and BACS studies published in March 2021, revealed that there has been a significant number of new products launched especially in the splits air conditioning market and DX coil air handling units (AHUs)

  • Decarbonisation is gathering pace as heating technologies compete in the main European markets

    2020-2021 was a decisive point for the heating industry, not only because of the pandemic but also the push for Green Economic Recovery. Here, BSRIA Worldwide Market Intelligence explores scenarios for transition in the European heating industry in the decade ahead.

  • China Condensing Unit Market Development in 2020

    BSRIA and the Chinese Association of Refrigeration released the "2020 China Refrigeration Industry Development Report" at the Shanghai Refrigeration Exhibition on April 8, 2021. The report analyses development and changes in the condensing unit (CDU) market in 2020 and summarizes challenges faced by the industry.

  • Calls for post-Covid 'revolution' in building air quality

    Dozens of the world's top experts in how diseases spread have called for big improvements to the air in buildings. They say current rules on ventilation are failing to stop infections, including Covid-19.

  • Hydrogen for heating: The fuel of the future?

    Hydrogen production at a commercial scale poses challenges, and more work needs to be done to ensure its viability from both a cost and environmental perspective.

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  • COVID-19 Update: Heat Pump markets expected to recover in the short term

    In order to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the heat pump sector, BSRIA Worldwide Market Intelligence carried out further market research in Europe, China and the U.S.

  • COVID-19 Update: Is the Green Recovery threatening the boiler markets?

    COVID-19 has caused lockdowns, impacted on the construction sector, and triggered redundancies which in turn diminished consumers’ purchasing power. Heating manufacturers try to conserve cash, wholesalers reduce their inventories, installers stay away from work, and supply chains are interrupted.

  • Building Automation Controls: Market hit by COVID-19 but Set to Bounce Back

    BSRIA has updated its forecasts for Building Automation Controls (BACS) based on research into the major global markets. According to the findings the short- term impact of COVID-19 has been significant, with the global BACS market now expected to decline in 2020 instead of growth forecasted in March.

  • New Opportunities in the Middle East following the COVID-19 pandemic

    2019 was a good year in Middle East countries with many large projects delivered, but the beginning of 2020 saw a reduction in projects mainly due to economic uncertainties related to the decreasing oil revenue. In addition, COVID-19 massively reduced income from tourism and transit trade as well as local consumption.

  • Indian HAC&R compressor market expects to see fast recovery from 2021

    BSRIA is publishing a new report on the compressor market covering India. The third Regional Report of the global series of studies on the Compressor Market. The different compressor types covered in this study include rotary, scroll, reciprocating, screw and centrifugal products.

  • US Commercial Refrigeration Market

    BSRIA has just published its latest study on the market for Commercial Refrigeration in USA. The study provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the current and future market trends for refrigeration products in non-residential systems, excluding industrial applications.

  • Information for today’s “buildings of tomorrow”

    Nick Blake, BSRIA Principal FM Consultant, elaborates on the latest building services technology advances that bring benefits and challenges to Facilities Management teams, including digital O&M, virtual reality, building information modelling and robotics.

  • Alok Sharma Covid-19 lockdown message to the Construction sector

    From 5 November, people may only leave home for specific reasons, including for work, if you cannot work from home. The Prime Minister explained that workplaces should stay open where people cannot work from home, for example in the construction or manufacturing sectors.

  • Ventilation and control of COVID-19 transmission

    BSRIA has launched the independent Ventilation Verification Service for buildings to help facilities management in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

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