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Cultivating Cleaner Air: BSRIA's Calibration Excellence and Insights for a Healthier TomorrowSeptember 2023

In the pursuit of superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the mitigation of air contaminants, property owners recognise the need for continuous airflow measurement. This serves the dual purpose of optimising occupants' comfort and monitoring the efficiency and longevity of HVAC systems within buildings.

Balometers, commonly known as Flow Capture Hoods, play a pivotal role in balancing indoor airflows. They ensure uniform air exchange throughout spaces, thus facilitating the consistent removal of pollutants. To maintain the accuracy and reliability of balometer readings, regular calibration is essential.

In response to the growing emphasis on air quality within the built environment, BSRIA is pleased to announce an expansion of its service portfolio, with the introduction of a cutting-edge airflow Calibration Rig at its North facility in Preston, Lancashire. BSRIA now offers high-precision calibration services for Balometers.  

This milestone has received official endorsement from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), further validating the quality and integrity of BSRIA's calibration services. This accreditation not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also provides customers with the confidence that their measurements meet the highest industry standards.

Both the Bracknell and Preston calibration rigs operate on a customised testing facility developed by BSRIA. Both facilities utilise the well-established technology based on Orifice Plates in a duct to calculate the volume flowrate.  Each facility utilises various inputs, such as local barometric pressure, temperature and humidity, alongside Orifice Plate pressure readings to calculate airflow with remarkable accuracy. This approach leverages the fundamental design parameters adhering to methodologies defined in ISO 5167.

BSRIA offers a comprehensive array of products and services geared toward enhancing indoor air quality. This includes Balometer calibration services, as well as options for renting or purchasing Balometers and other relevant instrumentation. Our commitment to advancing indoor air quality encompasses a holistic approach to creating healthier and more comfortable indoor environments.

We are pleased to invite you to the BSRIA briefing scheduled for November 17th. This event, titled "Cleaner Air, Better Tomorrow," will explore innovative strategies and technologies aimed at improving air quality in built environments. For more information about this upcoming briefing, please visit this page: BSRIA Briefing 2023 - Cleaner Air, Better Tomorrow.

For enquiries or further technical guidance on improving air quality in buildings, please see our contact details below. Additionally, you can visit our Air Quality Hub for a  range of air quality improvement offerings. 

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