Introducing our New BSRIA Guides: BG84/85/86/87 February 2024

New Building Services Publications Set to Revolutionise Design Practices

In a significant development for the building services industry, a set of four comprehensive guides are being released today, Thursday, 29th February 2024. These publications, collectively designated as BG 84/2024, BG 85/2024, BG 86/2024, and BG 87/2024, promise to usher in a new era of efficiency and innovation in building design.

BG 84/2024: Space and Weight Allowances

One of the cornerstone publications in this release, BG 84/2024, presents a wealth of crucial data on space and weight allowances for mechanical, electrical, and public health equipment. This guide is indispensable for architects, engineers, and designers seeking to optimise spatial planning and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. From floor space allowances to means of escape, BG 84/2024 provides comprehensive insights backed by meticulously curated graphs and information.

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BG 85/2024: Mechanical Criteria

Another essential addition to the collection, BG 85/2024 focuses on mechanical building services and public health systems. Offering valuable guidance for the early stages of design, this guide covers critical aspects such as heat system temperatures, water consumption, and airtightness criteria. With updated information on residential sprinklers and other key elements, BG 85/2024 equips professionals with the knowledge necessary to enhance efficiency and sustainability in their projects.

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BG 86/2024: Electrical Criteria

In the realm of electrical building services, BG 86/2024 emerges as a definitive resource for design professionals. This guide delves into crucial considerations including voltages, IP ratings, and recommended lighting levels. Moreover, BG 86/2024 introduces new insights into emerging technologies such as photovoltaic systems and electric vehicle charging facilities, reflecting the evolving landscape of electrical design practices.

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BG 87/2024: Useful Information Guide

Rounding off the quartet of publications, BG 87/2024 serves as a comprehensive reference manual for building services projects. From CO2 emissions factors to compliance criteria with Part L of the Building Regulations, this guide offers a wealth of indispensable information. Notably, BG 87/2024 features an enhanced building services glossary, aiding professionals in navigating industry terminology, alongside valuable updates on resilience classifications for data centres.

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Superseding BG9/2011

It's important to note that these groundbreaking publications will supersede the outdated BG9/2011, reflecting the latest advancements and best practices in the field of building services. By embracing the insights offered by BG 84/2024, BG 85/2024, BG 86/2024, and BG 87/2024, industry professionals can elevate the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of their projects, driving positive outcomes for clients and communities alike.

With these new publications poised to reshape design practices and set new benchmarks for excellence, the future of building services looks brighter than ever before.