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BSRIA provides airtightness testing of floor plenums, voids and raised floors. We have also written and published a guide to Floor Plenum Airtightness, explaining the importance of airtightness of floor plenums, how to test and places upper limits on air leakage.

It is important that conditioned air in a floor plenum flows into the occupied zone and does not leak to cavities, risers, stairwells or other adjacent zones.

It is also important that the air supplied to the floor plenum discharges through the floor-mounted diffusers or grilles, rather than joints between tiles, or between tiles and walls. A properly sealed floor void will allow the diffusers and grilles to fulfil their primary role of delivering air where it's needed. The airtightness of floor plenums has now become a serious energy efficiency issue.

BSRIA has over 30 years of experience of testing airtightness of buildings and has successfully applied this expertise to testing of:

  • floor plenums
  • clean rooms
  • data centres
  • cold stores
  • museum cabinets

As well as conducting the testing, we can carry out design reviews to help avoid common pitfalls and advise on practical, cost-effective remedial work to reduce air leakage.

For more information or to discuss our services, contact BSRIA Compliance:

T: 0800 587 1000
E: compliance@bsria.co.uk

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