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Condition monitoring

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Predicting plant failure before it happens - how much would that be worth?

BSRIA pinpoints problem areas before they become costly and disruptive failures

Condition monitoring is about catching likely failures before they happen. BSRIA offers strategic advice, monitoring services and can even train your own staff to effectively monitor your building services equipment.

Our cost-effective solutions save our clients money by minimising unforeseen repair costs and, more importantly, reducing the risk of suffering losses and disruption from downtime.

Technical expertise

We use a range of monitoring techniques to monitor the condition of plant, including:

We advise clients on the most appropriate approach for the plant and equipment they have.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions also hires and sells a huge range of thermal imaging cameras.

Case study - vibration analysis in an office

Investigation into reported vibration problems in a prestigious office building

Case study - electrical demand

Investigation of the electrical demand on HV Transformers at a hospital prior to expansion