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Power quality monitoring

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Power quality problems cost European industry over 20 Billion Euros a year

75% of power quality problems are caused within the customer’s own premises

Power quality causes a range of problems in buildings. Although these problems have been around for many years, changes to IT equipment and its usage have led to changes in the power quality problems found in offices and data centres today.

Most Professional Electrical Engineers are now aware of power quality problems and how to avoid them but equipment is often specified, procured, installed and moved without the help of an Electrical Engineer or consideration of the electrical effects. This can result in problems such as:

  • Harmonic current overheating conductors especially neutral conductors
  • Overheating transformers
  • Failed terminals
  • Tripping of circuit breakers by high crest factors
  • Effect of leading power factor on UPS
  • Failing PFC capacitors
  • Supply failure when UPS fed by generator
  • High electricity costs due to poor power factor
  • Dips, sags, swells in voltage
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Earthing problems
  • Poor reliability, and resilience

BSRIA can help by providing

Building investigations

Consultancy including troubleshooting, failure investigations, building performance and maintenance strategy

Introduction to Electrical Building Services
Basic principles electricity, types of electrical systems that are typically found in buildings.