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Closing the performance gap between design and reality

Checking a system performance before installation will ensure it meets project specification and works on site first time.

Mock-up or physical modelling is the key to effective building design, procurement, construction and operation. It is a professional process of constructing a full size representation of the proposed design for a specific part of a building interior.

Physical mock-ups built in our laboratory or on-site

BSRIA experts can create a mock-up of any type of built environment to assess HVAC systems, and provide advice on design and installation, e.g. offices, dealer rooms, telecomm or IT areas, hospitals, isolation rooms and tailored applications.

Mock-up testing includes:

  • Full simulation of outdoor conditions, solar heat gains
  • Internal loads, lighting, small power and people simulators
  • Room furnishing and office equipment
  • Fully working HVAC system

Our mock-ups enable customers and whole project teams to:

  • Witness performance testing and trial the design
  • Check performance for specific application
  • Select the right system for their project
  • Make crucial design decisions before a building is built

Full and part scale mock-ups can be built for testing thermal comfort and systems under real operating conditions to:

  • Verify fitness for purpose
  • Optimise design performance
  • Assess HVAC, cooling and ventilation strategies
  • Compare products before purchase
  • Check installation methods before building on site

Thermal comfort is measured in accordance with BS EN 7730:2005:

  • Assessment of how the design will feel thermally for the occupants, prior to construction
  • Opportunity to change the design at design stage, to avoid expensive refurbishments
  • Calculation of Predicted Mean Vote (PMV), Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied (PPD and Draught Risk (DR)

Our experts provide a flexible and comprehensive test program tailored to meet your individual requirements. Watch our mock-up testing webinar for free here

For more information or to discuss your test needs, contact BSRIA on or +44 (0)1344 465664.

Mock-up testing brochure

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