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Case studies

Contact Test

Hospital isolation rooms

Isolation room mock-up testing by BSRIA

BSRIA was commissioned by the Department of Health to validate a new design of an isolation room. A full mock-up was built in BSRIA's laboratories for iIntensive research to validate the design.

  • Ventilation effectiveness analysis
  • Airborne infection simulation
  • Heat load simulation of staff, patients, medical equipment
  • Full size mock-up
  • Air tightness
  • Special components commissioning (pressure stabilisers, ventilation grilles)

Refrigeration cabinets

Mock-up facility at BSRIA

BSRIA studied the performance of refrigeration cabinets and their impact on the surrounding space.

As part of the project BSRIA produced a detailed set of results including animations to show speed and temperature results in the room. Thermal comfort analysis was also studied for staff and shoppers.

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