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Power continuity

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What happens when the lights go out?

Every business is dependent on reliable power, but how reliable is it?

Electric power is essential for every business and facilities managers have a duty to ensure that the supply is available when needed. Supply can be interrupted by:

  • Demand exceeding incoming supply capacity
  • Internal power distribution faults
  • External distribution network faults
  • Shortage of National generating capacity
  • Failure of on-site standby power

BSRIA can provide services to help you avoid failures and develop power continuity plans.

  • Power measurement instrument hire and sales
  • Load profile monitoring
  • UPS/ battery/generator test monitoring
  • Analysis of essential/ non-essential loads

Building investigations

Consultancy including troubleshooting, failure investigations, building performance and maintenance strategy

Electrical Building Services - An Introduction
Electrical Building Services - An Introduction
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