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HVAC 2030: Long-term Heating Solutions in Residential Buildings

Release date: January 2022

The heating landscape is changing fast. The world is facing a climate emergency and many countries are establishing carbon neutrality targets. This decade represents a critical period for residential heating with multiple HVAC products vying to be the winning solution for a greener future.

In HVAC 2030, BSRIA will analyse the likely winning solutions in each of three regions: Europe, China and North America. The study will look at opportunities for domestic and commercial boilers, furnaces, electric heat pumps, reversible air conditioning systems, direct electric heating, district heating connections and heat interface units for use in residential buildings.

Based on wide knowledge of the HVAC industry, comprehensive historical data, and unparalleled technical expertise, BSRIA will take a holistic approach to analyse the future of heating systems in the residential housing sector.

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Asia Pacific Regional Air Conditioning Study

Release date: February 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on world markets for air conditioning. Lockdowns and changing technology preferences have caused significant disruption to regular sales patterns of air conditioning systems.

In this Asia Pacific Regional Air Conditioning study, BSRIA will present key market trends for 10 countries in the region, analysing the impact of the coronavirus and the knock-on effects for these air conditioning markets.

This study forms part of our Regional Air Conditioning reports portfolio, published on a rota basis each year, including Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Our forecasts for air conditioning markets are based on expert research and analysis of local markets, segmentation, and drivers.

BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence division (WMI) has been providing specialist market intelligence for over 30 years. Its multinational staff works with a wide network of industry contacts to source detailed, reliable data across numerous product areas. WMI publishes, on an annual basis, global market studies in air conditioning, heating, renewables, building controls, smart/connectivity and structured cabling.

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