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What is a condition survey?

A condition survey is a thorough evaluation of a building intended to establish the condition of its assets.

 Assessing the condition of a building’s building services assets is a vital step in developing a comprehensive maintenance strategy, ensuring that building owners and operators have all the information they need to plan maintenance activities to keep the building in operation.

 Condition surveys examine each aspect of the building, capturing and reporting details of its current condition.

Why carry out a condition survey?

Condition surveys enable facilities management teams to make informed decisions regarding human and financial resources required to prevent failures, prepare long term asset investment plans, identify budgets required for maintenance work and recommend intrusive inspections outside the scope of the condition survey.

Conventional plant condition surveys (sometimes known as dilapidation surveys) are often simple visual inspections, however BSRIA also offers more detailed investigations including functional assessment and performance testing of plant.

 An independent condition survey from BSRIA will give you the information you need to help:

  • forward planning for plant upgrades and replacements 
  • assess maintenance schedules
  • identify deficiencies in building condition, documentation and management for due diligence on your new premises
  • provide a single point of reference for new tenders so all bidders are working from the same information
  • benchmark asset condition at the beginning and end of contracts.

If planning for asset replacement is required, our asset condition surveys can provide indicative remaining life expectancy of assets with cost of replacement over an agreed study period. This will support Life Cycle Costing analysis or reviews.

BSRIA Condition Surveys

BSRIA will conduct a visual examination of the physical condition of the plant, specialist inspections and tests using condition monitoring equipment 

Surveys take the form of a visual inspection that may include examination of maintenance and commissioning records. Specialist inspections and tests using condition monitoring equipment 

such as thermal imaging and ultrasonic examination enhance the visual survey. Thermal imaging of electrical assets provides a greater level of safety for surveying as it can often be conducted without removing covers eliminating live working and for mechanical assets it provides supplementary information to be gathered without the need to shut down. Similarly, ultrasonic thickness testing of pipework allows for non-destructive investigation of the condition of the assets pipework systems without interruption of service

Our non-destructive testing services include:

  • thermography of electrical installations and mechanical plant
  • power quality surveys
  • vibration analysis
  • acoustic testing
  • ultrasonic pipe thickness testing

BSRIA Condition Surveys

Independent condition surveys from BSRIA will give you the information you need to help forward planning for plant upgrades and replacements, assessment of maintenance schedules, and identification of deficiencies in building condition.

Case study - Condition survey

Independent assessment of building services assets for Royal College of Music