Business-Focused Maintenance

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What is business-focused maintenance?

Business-focused maintenance (BFM) is a building maintenance concept which BSRIA introduced in 2004. BFM provides the built environment industry with a methodology for utilising maintenance budgets more effectively. Assets critical to the business are maintained whilst other less critical assets are managed as well as possible within the available budget.

Why use a business-focused maintenance methodology?

Increasingly, organisations place greater expectations on the reliability of buildings services to support their operations, and this in turn increases the requirement for improvements in maintenance regimes. Unfortunately, the budget for maintenance does not always increase in line with this expectation. Many maintenance contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) in fact drive the wrong behaviours; promoting time-based maintenance which can result in inefficient use of resource and higher than necessary maintenance costs.

Business-focused maintenance: The benefits

The benefits of BFM include:

  • Encouraging proactive maintenance and management of facilities
  • Improving the identification of opportunities and threats in maintenance and management
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements
  • Providing a reliable basis for decision making
  • Maximising resources
  • Minimising losses
  • Reducing building maintenance costs

BSRIA maintenance management experts can advise you how best to apply business-focused maintenance principles to your organisation.

Case Study: Business Focused Maintenance

Find out how a BSRIA BFM maintenance regime offered a significant reduction in planned preventative maintenance activities and spend at the University of the West of England.

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