Asset Data Capture

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One of the fundamentals of facilities management is understanding what you need to manage.

In the case of maintenance of building services, this takes the form of an asset list.

Accurate and comprehensive asset lists are fundamental to the provision of good maintenance.

BSRIA Asset Data Capture

BSRIA has technically proficient experts able to gather all pertinent data for the assets on site.

This will help you;

  • Ensure you are working from an up-to-date list of assets
  • Offer independently gathered data to bidders in a tender process so all parties are working from the same information
  • Ensure accurately gathered data where in-house resources are lacking in availability or proficiency

The captured data can be delivered electronically to you in a format suitable for uploading directly to your computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) system.

BSRIA facilities management specialists are ready to support you in asset data capture and in many other aspects of building do contact us now for a no-obligation discussion to see how we can help.

Asset Data Capture

Speak to our specialists now for advice and guidance on asset data capture and good maintenance practice