Government Soft Landings (GSL)

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Soft Landings is to be adopted for government procurement following its support by the Government Construction Board.

A year-long development process led by the Cabinet Office has created a version of Soft Landings called Government Soft Landings. The interpretation by the Government Property Unit is designed to cater for the procurement needs of central government departments.

Soft Landings is a building procurement initiative developed by BSRIA and the Usable Buildings Trust where designers and constructors stay involved with buildings beyond practical completion. This will assist the client during the first months of operation and beyond, to help fine-tune and de-bug the systems, and ensure the occupiers understand how to control and best use their buildings.

BSRIA has published a range of free to download Soft Landings guides, including a Government Soft Landings guide, to help support any company involved in Soft Landings projects.

More information and guidance documents on Government Soft Landings is available from the BIM Task Group website.

Soft Landings: A Practical Introduction
Soft Landings: A Practical Introduction
Learn about Soft Landings: the UK construction industry's de facto project performance improvement process.