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Thermal Imaging: Underfloor heating survey

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Thermal imaging is the perfect non-destructive tool for observing heating systems installed within the building fabric.

This is most obvious in underfloor heating where pipework or electrical wire is installed in a concrete screed layer on the floor. It also works for other underfloor heating construction types.

Under the right conditions and with the heating system on, the sub-surface installation becomes visible through thermal imaging. This allows the engineer to trace the location of pipework or electrical wire without any disturbance to the floor.

This survey is perfect if you need to install fixings or installations into the floor during refurbishment but are unsure where the underfloor heating runs.

Alternatively, if you are experiencing problems with the underfloor heating, potential dead zones or areas in the building that appear to take a long time to warm up, the analysis provided during an underfloor heating survey can determine if the underlying pipework is blocked, leaking, or incorrectly installed.  

Common uses of an underfloor heating survey include:

  • Mapping out the network of a heating element in the subsurface layer.
  • Verifying that the installation is as designed.
  • Assessing the installation to determine effectiveness and diagnose problems.
  • Detecting water leaks or faulty electrical elements in the system.

A thermal imaging survey is the best option to see heating distribution inside a floor or wall without causing damage.

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