Guide to Controls (BG83/2023)

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BSRIA’s Guide to Controls is aimed at people who are involved in the design, installation and maintenance of buildings and building services. It provides a broad understanding of the topic of controls, supported by diagrams and illustrations.

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A correction was made to BG 83/2023 on 12/12/2023. In the diagram on page 44, in section 5.4 of the guide, “Outside air temperature sensor” has been changed to “Variable flow temperature valve actuator”. All pdfs downloaded after 12/12/2023 reflect this correction. Customers who downloaded a pdf of the guide before this date can request a corrected pdf.

Controls are an essential part of all building services systems. They play a key role in delivering environmental comfort and wellbeing, a healthy and safe environment, optimal energy use and operational continuity and they allow for monitoring and improvement of performance.

 To fulfil their functionalities, controls must integrate with systems such as heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting, but they are often misunderstood by the designers, installers and maintainers of such systems. The BSRIA Guide to Controls demystifies the topic for a general construction industry audience. It complements the existing BSRIA illustrated guides by explaining in a structured way the different types of controls and their applications. However, it provides a greater level of technical detail while still making extensive use of diagrams and illustrations that facilitate understanding of different aspects of the topic. As well as covering state-of-the-art controls, it covers simpler controls that are found in smaller buildings and older buildings.

 Sections of the guide include:

  • Basic control components
  • Basic control schemes and applications
  • Building management systems
  • System architecture and key features
  • Building energy management
  • Home energy management systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Integrated systems
  • System security
  • Procurement considerations
  • Commissioning of control systems
  • Operation and maintenance of control systems
  • Controls in Building Regulations

Building Controls: An Introductory Training Course

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Product details

  • Published: July 2023
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: John Marrow
  • ISBN: 978-0-86022-798-4