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Embodied Carbon - the Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE) (BG 10/2011)

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The Innovation and Growth Team (IGT), drawn from the construction industry, recently provided a report to the government recommending embodied carbon appraisal. The BSRIA guide produced in conjunction with the University of Bath, in line with the recent IGT report, looks at why...

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This guide, produced in conjunction with the University of Bath, looks at why it is necessary to account for the embodied carbon in construction. Its purpose is to provide the construction industry with necessary data and then present the raw data in a way that is readily usable in calculations. To access the raw data please visit the The Inventory of Carbon and Energy (ICE) The guide will also inform the industry how to incorporate assessment of embodied carbon into the design process in order to make informed choices about the materials used.

Dr Phillip Lee, Member of Parliament for Bracknell and Member of the Select Committee for Energy and Climate Change 2010 comments:

"The report provides a lot of data and points you to lots more. It also demonstrates some of the complexities of making embodied carbon assessments. But just because the matter is complex we cannot ignore it. European legislation on carbon is tightening all the time: we must have a knowledgeable industry in the UK who are on top of the issues".

The hard copy of this publication incorrectly references the website where you can access the ICE database, the correct website is below:

Product details

  • Published: January 2011
  • Publisher: University of Bath with BSRIA, iCAT
  • Authors: Jones C. - Editors Lowrie F. Tse P & Prof Hammond G
  • ISBN-13: 9780860227038