Micronics U1000MKII-HM | Ultrasonic heat meter

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The U1000MKII-HM is an ultrasonic clamp-on thermal, heat/energy meter that uses ultrasound to measure flow rate and PT100 temperature sensors to measure flow and return temperatures. The U1000MKII-HM displays energy rate and totalised energy with pulse output and communication options, so it can be used as a standalone meter or as an integral part of an Automatic Monitoring & Targeting System (AM&TS) or Building Energy Management system (BEMS).

The instrument is simple to install by connecting power and entering the pipe inside diameter, adjusting the sensors and clamping-onto the pipe with no specialist skills or tools are required.

PLEASE NOTE - The U1000MKII-HM is available in several options, please contact a member of the BIS sales team to discuss your requirements.


  • Simple to use
  • Clamp-on flow and temperature sensors
  • Rate and totalised heat/energy demand
  • Modbus and Mbus communication
  • LCD with backlight display
  • Compact size
  • Heat/energy metering in energy management or building services applications for LTHW or chilled water circuits
  • Recommended for hot water < 85 °C, chilled water and chilled water with glycol
  • Pipe materials - Steel, stainless steel, plastic and copper


Measurement technique      Ultrasonic transit time method for flow measurement and PT100 Class B 4 wire for temperature measurement. Turn down ratio: 200:1

Heat meter standard      The heat/energy calculation is designed to comply with EN 1434 section 6

Accuracy       +/- 1 % – 3 % of flow reading for > 0.3 m/s 

Flow velocity range      0.1 m/s – 10 m/s 

Pipe range      Available in 2 option, 22 mm to 115 mm and 125 mm to 180 mm OD. Please note pipe size is dependent on pipe material and internal diameter

Water temperature range      0 °C – 85 °C

Temperature sensors      Clamp-on PT100 Class B 4 wire, range 0 °C – 85 °C, resolution 0.1 °C. Minimum delta T is 0.3 °C

Output       Pulse or frequency. Pulse for volume flow and energy in kWh (BTU). Frequency for flow rate. The pulse output can be configured as a loss of signal or low flow alarm

Modbus communication       Optional Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial link hardware layer. Energy, power, temperature and flow. Modbus connection cable is 1 m

External power supply       12 V – 24 V +/- 10 % AC/DC at 7 watts per unit. Optional plug in 12 V power supply

Electronics enclosure      IP54

Input/output cable      5 m x 6 core for power in and pulse out

Dimensions       250 mm x 48 mm x 90 mm (electronics + guide rail)

Micronics U1000MKII-FM | Ultrasonic flow meter
Micronics U1000MKII-FM | Ultrasonic flow meter
The Micronics Ultraflo U1000MKII-FM is an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on meter for measuring flow rate and total flow. It is available to purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions

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