Poddymeter 6000WF/V hire kit

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The Poddymeter 6000WF/V is designed to measure differential pressure across balancing valves and orifice plates in waterflow systems, and the flow rate can be related to D.P. using individual valve charts/KV values.

The unit comes complete with a calibration certificate, pair of binder adaptors and a padded carry case with a pocket arrangement for storage of the nylon tubing & female adaptors.


Simple to use, just turn on, zero, connect, flush and close valve to read. Providing the line pressure does not exceed 10 Bar no damage can be incurred by the transducer arrangement, if one side only is accidentally pressurised. If the static pressure is exceeded, a warning light is illuminated.

The 6000WF/V Q is supplied with isolating valves fitted on the manifold for ‘in situ’ zero check and with quick release connections on the valve block to allow the tubing to be removed for easy storage.


Range 0 – 199.9 KPa

Maximum line & single port overpressure 10 Bar Gauge

Accuracy Up to 20 KPa :+/- 0.1 KPa (1 digit) over 20 KPa : +/- 0.2 KPa or 0.5% whichever is greater

Battery life 100 hours approximately (2 x 9 volt PP3)

Transducer wetted parts 316 stainless steel

Size & weight  280 x 110 x 50 mm ; 0.9kg

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