Refrigerants in Building Services (TG 21/2022)

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Free to download - This guide provides an overview of refrigerants currently in use, their applications and legislation that affects their use, such as the F-gas regulations.

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Refrigerants are used in the working cycle of virtually all air conditioning systems and heat pumps. The increased use of both comes at a time when the legislative landscape is looking increasingly at restricting or limiting the use of refrigerants that have a direct environmental impact. This places additional considerations on the building services designer with regard to which refrigerants can be used and what the likelihood is of restrictions on their use over time.

This guide covers:

  • Current environmental and health and safety legislation affecting refrigerants
  • Forthcoming changes to legislation
  • Efficiency considerations
  • An overview of commonly used refrigerants
  • Applications, including DX coils, chillers, split systems, VRF/VRV systems and heat pumps
  • Sources of further information

The choice of refrigerants affects various people in the building services industry, hence this guide will be of interest to designers, installers, project managers, building owner/operators and maintenance staff.

The guide is published in partnership with the Building Engineering Services Association.

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Product details

  • Published: April 2022
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: Graeme Fox
  • ISBN: 978-0-86022-791-5

Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion Is this guide up to date with regards to the Great Britain F-gas regulations?
AAnswer There have been no changes to the UK F-gas regulations since TG 21 was published in April 2022. It is expected that new EU F-Gas Regulations will come into force in early 2024 – these will apply to Northern Ireland but not England, Wales or Scotland. It is also expected that new Great Britain F-Gas Regulations will come into force in 2025. It is not known whether the new Great Britain F-Gas Regulations will align with or differ from the EU F-Gas Regulations in place at that time. BSRIA intends to update TG 21 once the new Great Britain F-Gas Regulations are finalised.