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Available to purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is a comprehensive range of Retrotec blower door frames, fabric and door spares.  If the item you are not looking for is listed please call the UK sales team on 01344 459314 or e-mail

Fabric door frames

These are available in two sizes, standard and large.   They are supplied as a kits both with and without a fabric.  Additional cross bars are required if used as a  two or three fan systems.

The standard size aluminium door frame is suitable for a door size frame of  69 to 136 cm wide x 110 to 248 cm high.

The large size aluminium door frame is suitable for a door size frame of  81 to 130 cm wide x 150 to 277 cm high.

Standard and SmartCloth door fabrics

All new Retrotec residential fan systems are supplied with their SmartCloth door fabric.  This fabric has a built-in bias pressure tubing to act as a wind dampening tool. The door panel fabric makes it possible to get a more accurate BIAS pressures in windy conditions which provides an advantages over the traditional methods of placing the reference tube outside on the ground. 

Standard door fabrics (without the built-in bias tubing) are available in 1 hole/fan types. For 2 and 3 SmartCloth only available.

Door frame crossbars, door cases, fan cases, cam locks, corner blocks and corner plugs 

These are available as spares / accessories.

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