Soft Landings for Fit-Outs (BG81/2022)

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This guide highlights the benefits and approach to adopting the Soft Landings framework in the context of fit-out projects. The methodologies can be encouraged by any member of the Soft Landings team and adopted by the fit-out project team.

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Soft Landings is a building delivery process which runs through the project, from inception to completion and beyond. It ensures all decisions made during the project are based on optimising operational performance of the building and meeting the client’s expectations.

Fit-out contracts, by their very nature, do not involve construction of new buildings. In such instances, it is therefore common for Soft Landings, as an entire process, to be overlooked. This is often due to financial or time constraints or even a misunderstanding amongst the project team that it has little relevance.

This guide aims to establish the methodologies which can be encouraged by any member of the Soft Landings team and adopted by the project team, to ensure that the principles and practices of Soft Landings are core to fit-out project delivery. It strives to establish good practice to draw parallels with the corresponding Soft Landings activities and ensure overall project delivery is carried out under the principles of BG 54/2018 Soft Landings Framework. In addition, this guide references two further key Soft Landings guides: BG 38/2018 Soft Landings Core Principles and BG 74/2019 Success Criteria for Soft Landings Projects

The guide includes charts which map the Soft Landings process to the RIBA Plan of Work for three different types of fit-out project. It also includes downloadable, editable files for page turn meeting minutes and a validation schedule.

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Product details

  • Published: June 2022
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Authors: BSRIA, James Gall & Kieran Everett
  • ISBN: 978-0-86022-792-2