Made to make it easy – New Testo range now available for Instrument Solutions March 2023

Now available from BSRIA Instrument Solutions are the new Testo range of Compact instruments which are the ideal tools for HVAC engineers so they can obtain fast, accurate and reliable results.

The Testo Compact range comprises of 10 products which includes the redesigned popular Testo 417 model which is used for measuring air velocity and volume in applications such as testing to Part F of the Building Regulations.

All versions of these devices are designed to be simple to use, provide fast results which includes connection to the Testo Smart App, and come with accurate probes for precise measurements.  

The Testo Smart App is free to download and turns your  smart phone or tablet into a second display.  This easy-to-use software has menus for numerous applications, and you can create digital reports with photos that can be e-mailed back to the office.

For further details on the Testo products including on-line ordering, please click on the following links:

Testo 110 – NTC + Pt100 probe single channel thermometer – Click HERE for details

Testo 416 – 16 mm diameter vane anemometer – Click HERE for details

Testo 417 – 100 mm diameter vane anemometer – Click HERE for details

Testo 425 – Thermal anemometer – Click HERE for details

Testo 512 – Differential pressure indicators - Click HERE for details

Testo 535 – CO2 indicator - Click HERE for details

Testo 545 – Lux meter – Click HERE for details

Testo 625 – Temperature & humidity indicator – Click HERE for details

Testo 922 – Type K single channel thermometer – Click HERE for details

Testo 925 – Type K dual channel / differential temperature indicator – Click HERE for details

 BSRIA Instrument Solutions can also be contacted on 01344 459 314 or e-mail

BSRIA Instrument Solutions

BSRIA Instrument Solutions offers a range of products and services including equipment rental ideally suited for critical environments. Products include commissioning tools such as airtightness testing systems, volume flow devices and IR / thermal imaging systems. Services includes the calibration of products traceable to national standards under the Instrument Solutions ISO 9001 accreditation or UKAS accredited calibrations against the ISO 17025 standard.