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BSRIA meeting and training rooms are all ventilated spaces and equipped with indoor air quality (IAQ) sensors. These are used to monitor temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2) and particulate matter PM2.5.  An Air Quality Index (AQI) value, which is a numerical index indicating the level of pollution over a 24-hour period is also reported.

Several factors influence the quality of indoor air, including pollution concentrations from outdoor air, emissions from internal sources, and ventilation effectiveness. 

Effective monitoring of IAQ reduces the health risks associated with poor indoor air, creating a safer and more comfortable environment for staff, visitors, and training delegates.

The following graphs show live plots of CO2 in each of the meeting and training rooms over a rolling 12-hour period. Typically the rooms when unoccupied have background values around 400 ppm, and when occupied values up to 800 ppm depending on the number of people in the spaces.

DEFRA Daily Air Quality Index

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