Delta T: September 2014

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The September 2014 edition is a special BIM edition which looks at the following: industry news, the seven pillars of BIM wisdom, BIM classification, BIM and facilities management...

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BIM is one of the hottest topics in the construction industry at the moment; which is largely driven by
the requirement that all Government procured projects must be Level 2 BIM compliant by 2016. This date is fast approaching but we are finding many are still asking “what is BIM?” and “how do we do BIM?”

There seems to be this common misconception that BIM is just about a 3D model. Although the model is part of it, BIM is much more about an improved process for creating and managing information about a project. It is about adopting a holistic approach, not just for design, but during construction and through to the operational stage too.

In this edition we take a look at the seven components required for BIM Level 2, with a supporting article about the importance of a classification system. We also consider the operational aspects of BIM, including PAS 1192-3. Facility Managers potentially stand to benefit the most from the adoption of BIM, and it is really important that they engage with the process.

There are also articles on other research work happening at BSRIA, including a study on energy consumption within the refrigeration market, selection criteria for refrigerants and the testing of domestic ventilation systems

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  • Published: September 2014
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: BSRIA