Hayes Kit6 | Smoke stick

Contact Instrument Solutions

The Smoke-Stick has been designed to provide a smooth, thin, non-volatile smoke stream able to reveal the smallest leakage or air current.

Smoke-Stick can be used in many applications including the determination of airflow patterns within rooms, smoke detector monitoring and during building air tightness evaluations when establishing air leakage paths.


Smoke-Stick being clean and non-corrosive can be used safely in areas with electronic equipment and unprotected metal surfaces. Unlike smoke tubes and bottles Smoke-Stick has an almost unlimited shelf-life with no risk of leakage or poison inhalation.

Each Smoke-Stick (8 centimetre length), offers a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous smoke or ninety tests of 20 seconds each. Smoke-Sticks are sold in kits of three - Kit3 - and kits of six along - Kit6 - with a purpose designed Smoke-Pen™ dispenser, refill packs of three and six are also available.

Hayes Kit3 | Smoke stick
Hayes Kit3 | Smoke stick
Smoke-Stick (Kit3), 3 smoke sticks and a Smoke-Pen holder