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Introduction to Ventilation

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An online learning course on ventilation systems

      • Introduction to Ventilation
      • 1st delegate: £65.00 (£49.00 for Members)Subsequent delegates: £65.00 (£49.00 for Members)
      • Introduction to Ventilation e-learning course
      • Book


This e-learning course has been designed to give delegates an understanding of how buildings are ventilated and the various systems used to do so.

From natural ventilation through to mechanical ventilation systems, this course will give bring you up to speed with specific terminology, and proivide you with an overview of what can effect the operational performances of the ventilation systems.

Course content:

  • Ventilation basics
  • Types of ventilation
  • Natural ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Re-circulation & Heat Recovery

Who would benefit

This course is open to anyone who would benefit from understanding the different types of ventilation systems around. Delegates with a M&E background, architects, designers and ventilation installers would find this course particularly beneficial.